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The business idea of breeding pedigreed cats contains several attractive factors for investment. The price of one pedigree cat can exceed 10 000$. Pregnancy all of the cat family – 2 months. Cats have a strong immune system and a high percentage of survival. No wonder the people say that they have 9 lives. You can implement this business idea right in your apartment. Also, there is no need for specialized investments. You can start organizing a cattery for home business with less than $ 500. This business idea can be both the main and additional source of income. But in order to invest money profitably, it is necessary to analyze the whole concept of the business in detail.

The most expensive cat breeds. Before breeding, you should decide which purebred cats work better. Now that You already know the information about the components of the pricing policy, we offer You a “rating” of the 10 most expensive cats in the world:

Savannah. This cat is the most expensive in the world. This breed of cats are classified among themselves on F1, F2, F3, F4, F5. The most expensive pedigree cats are F1 and F2. The cost of adult individuals ranges from $ 4,000 to $ 22,000.
Diamond eye. She’s kao-Mani. The cost of these cats can reach 2 thousand conventional units.
Bengal cat. The pricing policy of these Pets starts from $ 1000 and can reach up to $ 4000.
Toyger. The price of such a “home tiger”, depending on its performance by the standards of TISA, as well as the Belgians can reach $ 4000 -5000$.
Maine coon. He’s an American raccoon cat. This breed has a price range from $ 1000 to $ 2500.
Long Rex. The price can be $ 400 and maybe $ 1200, it all depends on the parameters that determine the cost of a kitten.
Scottish fold. The price of Scottish fold, starts at $ 200 and reaches up to $ 1500.
British cat. The price of these handsome, aristocratic manners, ranges from $ 200 to $ 1500.
Russian blue. This breed is one of the most famous breeds in the world. The price of these peaceful and playful Pets is from 300$ to 3000$.
The Manx. This breed stands out among others in the lack of the tail. Or has 2/3 of a normal cat’s tail. Manx price from $ 500 to $ 4000.
For starters the acquisition of experience in intended for breeding pedigreed cats is worth look at not whimsical and highly profitable breed such as:

They are easy to care for, they are attractive and perfect for organizing a cattery.

As in any business, it is necessary to follow the sequence of actions:

Acquisition of cats.
Content and nutrition.
A vet visit.
Participation in exhibitions.
Opening of the nursery.
Nursing kittens.
Sale of 3 – month-old kittens.
Naturally, the beginning of this business is to acquire a certain breed of cat with the right to breeding. The right to pedigree breeding is not just a title, and a special certificate, the price of which will be included in the cost of pedigree upon purchase. The right to pedigree breeding you get along with a pedigree cat. Cat for business must be purchased exclusively in the well-known nursery. Not infrequently, the business interest in purebred cats makes the search for the female breeders in large and developed cities or even countries. So when buying a cat-the manufacturer will sometimes have to shell out a tidy sum.

British cat. To start breeding pedigreed cats get acquainted with unpretentious and profitable breeds.

Bengal cat. A Bengal cat is a piece of wildlife at home. That’s what attracts buyers of this breed. Leopard color, Golden and chocolate shades is a distinctive feature of Bengal cats. Care for these animals, does not carry virtually no physical costs. This breed need only occasionally to trim the claws, and the animal’s hair needs minimal care, and is a rare combing. Kittens of this breed, as well as adults, will require a lot of attention from its owner. They are very playful, active and sociable. Bengal seals are becoming more and more popular in our regions. The demand for kittens is growing, but breeders of this breed is still not enough.

British cat. Today, British cats are the most popular and desirable among our population. They have thick short hair, beautiful round eyes. Many children and people they resemble plush toys. Her smoky, blue color gave her another nickname “British blue”. They are quiet, not “mischievous” Pets, true aristocrats. They find common language with all members of family, in which live, and perceive its as its clan. In care they are not choosy, but once a week their hair must be combed. The British are in great demand among all segments of the population, so you can sell these kittens with or without pedigree. Naturally, the price policy of the issue will be either high or low.

Maine coon. These are some of the biggest cats in the world. A distinctive feature, in addition to their ears, are also the sounds that they create. Their meow is more reminiscent of the clang. This is a quiet breed of cats. They are affectionate, peaceful and friendly. At the same time, they are quite independent, and will require their personal space. Since these are long-haired cats, they will require special attention in grooming. Although, unlike the Persians, their hair and not confused so much, but still need to comb the Maine Coon 2-3 times a week.

If possible it is better to start a business from three above described species. If you still do not have enough funds, start from the most inexpensive British breed. They are not expensive, attractive and in good demand.

The Scottish lop-eared kitten. Speaking of purebred cats, you should take into account the peculiarities of their content in breeding. You will need to purchase auxiliary tools:

The filler for the pot.
Comb, tongs for claws, shampoos and other hygienic device for cats.
Drinking bowl and feeder (bowls).
Vacation spot.
After purchasing a cat, You need to take care of the content and nutrition. If you have purchased a kitten up to 3 months, You will have to take care of his first vaccination. But, veterinary passport, You can obtain with the purchase of the animal. Consider the most important issues for the care of kittens.

Vaccination. To vaccinate a pet for the first year of his life to 3 times. Vaccinated kittens from panleukopenia, calicivirosis, intricate, and some vaccines include chlamydia. All of this is included in one vaccine. The first vaccination takes place at the age of 2-3 months. Then, after 21 days, but not more than 28 days, do re-vaccination with the same vaccine as the first time. The last vaccination is carried out to a one-year-old cat. Three component vaccine for cats costs from $ 7.

In addition to vaccinations, the kitten should be regularly led to the veterinarian for examination. Adhering to his instructions and recommendations, You will certainly be able to grow a healthy, giving a good offspring cat.

Food for cats. The cat food should be given special attention. If Your cat will receive a balanced food, it will become the owner of a beautiful shiny coat, strong bones and claws and a brilliant look. In principle, their health is directly related to what she eats. For example, lack of tuarine in the body of the adult cat have a negative impact on her reproductive system. Large quantities of as taurine is contained in seafood products and beef heart. You can feed the cat and ready-made food, which are designed specifically for Pets. Store feed, can be wet and dry. This diet is fully balanced, it has everything you need for a healthy cat food. Still, some veterinarians recommend feeding cats only finished products.

By themselves, cats are predators. The diet of this predator mainly consists of animal feed, at will it is mainly mice, birds it.p. To be more specific, the daily diet of Your pet should consist of 70% of animal food (various meat products, pork exception) and 30% of the rest of the products (cottage cheese, or cottage cheese baby food, vegetables, cereals, etc.).

Few people know, but cats in the wild eat only fresh food. So, make sure that the portions were such that the animal ate it at one meal. The food should be at room temperature, or a couple of degrees warmer. Water for Pets should be clean and separated. Change the water 2-3 times a day.

Hygiene of the animal. Of course, each breed has its own hygiene needs. The General requirements include the following:

Care of the animal’s hair (bathing, combing, etc.).
Regular trimming of the claws.
Protect your pet from parasites (worms, fleas, ticks, etc.).
Eye and ear care.
Pedigree. Buying a kitten with a pedigree in the nursery, it will be specified three generations of cats on the line of mom and dad kitten. During the subsequent binding, you must apply to the kennel, everything is logged, and after the actuator litters in the same kennel where there was binding, Your females and males, Your kittens will be given a metric. You can either make a pedigree yourself based on this metric or sell them only with the metric. The presence of metrics will enable the buyer to purchase their own pedigree, if necessary.

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